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Vitality Booth

Vitality salt therapy booth with redlight therapy

The Next Generation of Halotherapy

With a variety of sizes to choose from, Vitality Booths are ready to drive new revenue streams, capture new clients, and deliver amazing wellness experiences to individuals. The Vitality Booths allow for expanding the benefits traditional halotherapy offers clients into additional high demand- areas such as anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, weight loss, athletic performance and recovery, inflammation reduction, mood enhancement, and improved skin elasticity and appearance. (Please allow for an additional 18 inches on the left-hand side of each unit for the halogenerator)


  • Near and far F.D.A. approved red light therapy with Halotherapy
  • HaloGX-pro™ Halogenerator included
  • Integrated U.V. blue light sanitation system
  • Included Bluetooth Audio Sound System with KSARA Guided
  • Meditation Comprehensive training, marketing, including a personal website
  • No room modifications, no need to monitor HVAC
  • Built-in ventilation Chromotherapy lighting included
  • Proprietary patent-pending technology
  • Lifetime warranty on Halogenerator


SMALL  | Dimensions: 88″(H) x 40″(W) x 48″(D) (1 chair)

MEDIUM  | Dimensions: 88″(H) x 67″(W) x 52″(D) (2 chairs)

LARGE | Dimensions: 88″(H) x 83″(W) x 52″(D) (3 chairs)

EXTRA LARGE  | Dimensions: 88″(H) x 98.5″(W) x 69″(D)

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