Halotherapy Solutions is the only BBB accredited salt therapy equipment company.
“Not received a single customer complaint and has not received a negative review.” A+ Rating.
Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Steve and Halotherapy Solutions have been amazing to work with. The reception of the clients to the salt and sauna has been really well received especially by those with respiratory and allergy conditions.
The Drip Bar

Fantastic product, our clients love the fact of therapy layering in one session without the hassle of going from room to room. All the benefits in one 30min session.
Richard Quinn Health & Wellness Director

I’ve only been open 24 days with my new HaloIR and sales just passed $7,000! Thrilled! Sessions are completely booked for this upcoming week and I’ve got a waiting list. And my VitalityBooth is arriving this week and that’s already booked through next month! My customers and I couldn’t be happier with your equipment!

Richard Quinn Health & Wellness Director

We are thrilled with the quality of the products from Halotherapy Solutions! All our franchisees are adding the HaloIR to their facilities

Dr Ryan Valencic Novis Health

All my generators at Salt of the Earth Sarasota are from Halotherapy Solutions. They are amazing machines. The staff is great and always willing to help anyway they can. No reason to choose anyone else.

Dianna Zildjian Manoogian, Owner Salt of Earth

We have been beta-testing the Vitality Booths over the recent months in a number of our gyms, and the response has been fantastic! Hundreds of our gym members are now paying us additional revenue daily to use the Vitality Booths we have installed in our World Gym locations. We are excited about further rollouts across the U.S.
Ed Weihenmayer, owner of two World Gym locations in Florida.

Halotherapy is such a great experience! We and our customers love our HaloIR from Halotherapy Solutions!

Tammy Pahel VP Spa & Wellness Operations

I highly recommend Halotherapy Solutions. I have had my salt spa open for 15 months and I have 2 halogenerators from HSL, that were delivered in person by Steve and Suzanne! I am fairly close.. They were super helpful with instructions on the machine. They are totally there for support with any issue, Jacki Blackmon, is a superstar at marketing also, and at resolving any issues.

Wanda Bresette, Owner Stuart, FL

Thank you SO much for your help in starting the 1st Salt Cave in Mississippi! Everyone went above and beyond in answering our questions. We truly appreciated the immense training! Keep up the great work! Also we are super happy with the Halotherapy Machine.

Jill M. JacksonSoul,Owner Synergy Center

This is so great! Thank you so much! Our booth should be here this week and we plan to assemble it this weekend! What a great service- the marketing resources are so helpful and we really appreciate it, as this is a completely new business venture for us.
Jeremy R. OR

There is no better company to work with in the Halotherapy industry than Halotherapy Solutions.

Greg Nehrlich CEO, SunSpa Wellness

After months and months of research, we have found that Halotherapy Solutions offers the best products and has the best team of people to work with.

John Brier, Managing Partner HaloTherapy Center, LLC

Our athletes benefit so much from Halotherapy in terms of respiratory health and recovery! We love the products and team from Halotherapy Solutions!
Brandon Lowery Director, Action Sports Agency Board, BSR Surf Resort

The Halogenerators we buy from Halotherapy Solutions are 2nd to none! Our equine customers love them!

Jason Robbins CEO, Equine Salt System

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