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Solajet Drywave Massage Bed

Solajet Headset
Solajet Massage bed

With Magic Touch optic massaging Infrared eye goggles

SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System is a breakthrough in massage therapy with dramatic user experiences and is even slightly preferred over a hands on massage by the majority of the population. Sessions also garner similar revenue with massage therapy, yet can be delivered for a fraction of the cost.

The SolaJet system uses as little as 35 gallons of self contained water and a traveling jet system moves up and down at the users command. Pressure, speed, location and zones can all be customized by the touch of a button. The touch-less nature of the massage allows the mind and body to better relax while the conforming nature of water allow deep tissue penetration without pain or irritation. Receiving a soothing hydrotherapy treatment while remaining clothed and ary. make it the ultimate massage experience.


  • one isolation control allowing for targeted treatments
  • Self-contained water system (no plumbing required) simplifies setup and installation
  • Advanced electronics and optional Touch Screen, controlled access
  • T-max compatible)

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