Halotherapy for Your Businesses

spa offering halotherapysalt therapy services
spa offering halotherapysalt therapy services

Halotherapy is Everywhere Now

In addition to our equipment being in Spas, wellness centers, gyms, and hotels/resorts, we continue to be excited about even more diverse facilities offering our units. From senior living facilities to salons to recovery centers to tanning service providers—and many more!

Nowadays, after the pandemic, people are more concerned about their respiratory health/immunity and are seeking out businesses that offer salt therapy.
In addition to the respiratory and skin benefits of Halotherapy—without a doubt, it’s the most relaxing touchless experience you can provide to your customers as they focus and improve their breathing.
Our team owned or currently own a salt therapy facility so they can best guide and support you.

Business Adding Halotherapy

  • Tanning Facilities
  • Holistic Medical Care
  • Preventative & Complimentary Medical Care
  • Medical Spas
  • Recovery Centers
  • Cryotherapy Spas
  • Hair Salons
  • Massage Spas
  • Floating Tank Centers
  • Yoga Studios
  • And other integrated wellness centers

Over 5000 businesses added our products worldwide to provide halotherapy.

Only Halotherapy Solutions Offers

  • Salt Therapy products that are specifically designed and manufactured to work with other modalities

  • The best warranty in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on our halogenerators – which are the best-selling machines in the world

  • Lifetime customer support provided by current and former salt therapy business owners. Learn More…

  • Free marketing materials.

  • Free video ads for our customers. Learn More…

  • Support to grow your business, starting with pre-launch consultation to ensure your success. Learn More…

  • Flexible financing. Learn More…

salt therapy equipment and halogenerators with lifetime warranty
salt room and halogenerator free financing

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