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Halotherapy for Horses

Portable Salt Therapy for Horses in Racing, Showjumping and Polo Industries to Help Horses Breathe Better


halo packet handheld salt therapy device


The HaloEQ™ halogenerator for horse salt therapy was produced after months of co-development, testing, and protocol creation from a number of key industry Equine leaders. For more information, visit our horse product expert at Equine Salt Systems.

Dry Salt Therapy/Halotherapy is one of the fastest growing natural wellness therapies in the U.S. and worldwide for people with respiratory conditions. We are very excited to bring the same technology to the world of Equine.

CLICK HERE for a replay of the recent Fireside Chat on Halotherapy for Pets and Horses.

portable halogenerator for horse salt therapy
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The HaloEQ:


  • Is very lightweight, so it’s easy to carry from stall to stall to service many horses 
  • Is very mobile, so it’s easy to transport between cities seasonally 
  • Is a fast and very effective treatment for both sick horses and for prevention of respiratory conditions in healthy horses 
  • Includes lifetime warranty on mill, feeder and fan 
  • Uses DRY salt therapy instead of wet salt therapy which results in deeper salt penetration in the lungs, providing greater benefits to the horse

    Visit www.equinesalt.com the exclusive distributor of our HaloEQ line of products.

    “Kelly Breen introduced Halotherapy into his stable, during the 2017 racing season. I have observed a direct correlation between Halotherapy and reduced airway disease. Often airways displaying acute or chronic mucus on endoscopy can be resolved utilizing Halotherapy alone.
    When protocols of antibiotics, antihistamines or bronchial dilators are warranted , resolution of clinical symptoms is often accomplished at a more rapid rate, when Halotherapy is incorporated into the treatment regime. As a 30 year veteran of a Thoroughbred race track practice I recommend Halotherapy as an adjunct treatment to airway disease”, said Bernard Dowd DVM.

    “I’ve been testing the HaloEQ for 9 months, and it’s truly been remarkable! My sick horses get healthier much faster (and without antibiotics) allowing them to get back to training quicker and more effectively, which has really helped their performances on race days. And for my horses that are not sick, I’ve seen a strengthening of their immune system which has resulted in much less respiratory illnesses. And finally, horses that have experienced EIPH have seen excellent results from the HaloEQ,” said Kelly Breen, 2011 Belmont Stakes Winning Trainer”.

    For more information, visit our horse product expert at Equine Salt Systems.

    The Halogenerators we buy from Halotherapy Solutions are 2nd to none! Our equine customers love them!

    Jason Robbins CEO, Equine Salt System