Global Halotherapy Solutions provides exquisite salt décor for business and home use. We design unique Himalayan salt walls that offer natural health benefits. From salt panels to salt bricks, our innovative design concepts can be custom made and used for any size space or project. Whether it’s a full room, single wall, floor or accent décor, we can provide you with the solutions that best suit your project.

 Himalayan salt brick wall decoration

About Himalayan Salt Décor

Himalayan Salt is known for it’s natural calming and therapeutic benefits by filling the air with negative ions. These ions create a clean, balanced and electromagnetic free environment by clearing the air of harmful frequencies. It’s an all-natural element that has no toxic chemicals or unsafe additives and/or preservatives. It’s also known to be very rich in minerals and has many healing benefits. Himalayan Salt can range in color from different shades of pinks to soft white tones.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Décor

  • Provides clean and balanced air with negative ions
  • Significantly reduces electromagnetic pollutants
  • Beautiful and unique decorative elements
  • No corrosive effects
  • Easy and simple installation process
  • Extremely relaxing and mood enhancing affects

Our unique Himalayan salt décor solutions provide endless possibilities for designing beautiful and healthy salt rooms.

Salt panel salt room therapy

Salt Panels

  • Safe, healthy and durable our salt panels are made from a proprietary blend that contain no plastics, VOC’s or smells and are created from pure Himalayan salt
  • They measure 22”X22” and come in multiple colors and grain sizes
  • They can be easily be mounted to any wall with just a few screws
  • The non-permanent modular panels can be rearranged, removed or added to at anytime
  • LED lighting and/or heating elements can be installed to create a beautiful backlit mood-enhanced environment

Salt Bricks

  • Our Himalayan salt bricks come in a variety of colors and sizes and are commonly used for salt room walls, floors and ceilings décor
  • Our salt walls are uniquely designed and don’t involve any permanent construction
  • Brick sizes come in 8″x4″x2″and 8″x8″x2″
  • LED lighting and/or heating elements can be installed to create a beautiful backlit mood-enhanced environment

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