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Salt Chamber vs. Salt Room 

Why Pre-Built Equipment vs. Building a Salt Room?

Pre-built salt booths

People no longer want to sit in large salt rooms surrounded by strangers coughing and sneezing. And those with skin conditions that benefit greatly from halotherapy, want maximum skin exposure—not conducive to being in a large salt room.

We offer many salt cabin and booth options that include the HaloIR™, the Vitality Booth™, the HaloSTAR™, the HaloLounge™, the HaloBed™ and so many more choices.


  • Multiple modalities can be provided simultaneously

  • More effective, thus shorter sessions keep cost down, so time and money are not a barrier to treatments

  • More frequent visits result in better efficacy

  • Provides privacy to expose skin

  • Salt Chambers provide much higher and quicker ROI

  • Ability to customize treatments to address different respiratory and skin conditions


  • No expensive buildouts and HVAC modifications are required

  • Easy to move equipment if you relocate

  • Easy electrical set up

  • No need to cool room to control humidity -More effective therapy in warmer environment

  • You can be in business so quickly with pre-built equipment

Salt rooms / caves

While our customers are moving away from building out large salt rooms, there is still a demand for small salt rooms—and we have the best Halogenerators and the best design teams to help!

Whatever your vision may be—a Himalayan salt brick wall, salt panels, salt décor or authentic looking salt cave, we will bring your concepts to life.

Additionally, we offer free initial design consultation. When you buy our halogenerators they come with lifetime warranty and 24×7 customer service access. We also offer a free “How To” document to help you build your salt room if you want to do it yourself instead of using our team.

Things to consider:

  • HVAC modifications / protection

  • Floor’s structural strength

  • Sealing of wall openings and ceilings

  • Protection of any exposed metal structures in the building

  • Environmental humidity

  • Local Building codes