Salt Booths & Cabins

Functionality and Design

Our beautiful, commercial-grade enclosures have been the gold standard in the salt therapy industry for many years, outselling all the other companies combined.

salt room cave building category image


This beautiful product has gorgeous backlit salt bricks that makes this a great salt chamber for those that don’t want to combine salt therapy with another modality and its lower cost

HaloBooth salt cabin with halogenerator and acrylic walls


Our original space-saver salt booths are available in different sizes and color. Equipped with the HaloFX halogenerator.

HaloUno single salt booth


A beautiful lower cost halotherapy booth in a small footprint, featuring the latest hybrid halogenerator technology
salt room cave building category image


This classic salt cabin is available in several different sizes with optional salt on the floor and décor.



The versatile salt bed is designed to provide the most effective personalized salt therapy for skin and respiratory issues.

white beds inside of a halo cave

Salt Chambers vs. Salt Rooms

Learn about the differences between pre-built enclosures and traditional salt rooms to make the best business decision.

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