The newly upgraded HaloBed™ Salt Bed is the leading multi-functional Dry Salt Therapy unit on the market. 

woman lying in salt therapy bed

The Salt Bed

The newly upgraded HaloBed™ (Salt Bed) is the leading multi-functional Dry Salt Therapy unit on the market. The HaloBed™ is an excellent solution for those who prefer privacy, want deep relaxation and/or need an extra boost of salt for skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and rashes. The newly upgraded Halo Bed, SaltBed is the leading multi-functional Dry Salt Therapy unit on the market.

Innovative design & functionality

The European custom made HaloBed™ provides an effective and rapid relaxation experience with it’s built-in heating, colorful ambient lighting and sophisticated sound system. Plus it includes a unique partition that can isolate the head from the body to allow for a more intensified salt therapy session for severe skin conditions.

Smart business opportunity

The HaloBed™ is easy to operate and simple to maintain and offers a lucrative business opportunity with a small investment and quick return. It’s a simple and safe portable unit that requires no room modifications, no contractor fees and comes fully assembled. It is the perfect add-on feature to any spa, wellness center or massage practice. Also comes with industry-leading lifetime warranty on mill, feeder and fan.

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The way it works

The HaloBed™ features the upgraded, state-of-the-art HaloFX™ Halogenerator. It offers reliable and adjustable programing functionality that can be customized to suit any individuals’ wellness needs. The HaloFX™ uses only pure pharmaceutical grade salt which is gently heated making it extra dry for a more efficient session. Once the salt is placed into the halogenerator it is finely crushed into microscopic particles and disbursed into the salt bed environment.

Heated double bottom

This sophisticated feature maintains a comfortable and soothing temperature inside the HALO BED™ throughout a session. Himalayan salt crystals can also be added to the bottom of the bed where heat stimulates the release of negative ions and enhances the quality of relaxation.

halobed control unit

Multi-functional HaloBed™ features

The HALO BED™ has an upgraded, sophisticated sound system that connects to most common music devices. Offering personalized play lists, guided meditations, audio books or therapeutic hypnotherapy sessions can bring added benefits to each salt therapy experience. 

    chromotherapy lights in a halobed

    Partition for separation

    The unique adjustable partition allows for separation of the head from the body to address skin issues, inflammation and joint problems effectively. This feature makes it possible to safely increase the concentration without burdening the lungs with excessive amounts of salt.

    head partition in salt bed for separate respiratory and skin treatment



    • 81″(L) x 33″(W) x 46″(H) 
    • Please allow an additional 24 inches for the Halogenerator to be attached and opened
    • Custom made & eco-friendly
    • Weighs 250 pounds
    • Holds up to 400 pounds
    • Comes fully assembled
    • Fresh external air inside bed
    • Standard electrical outlets 
    • No costly room modifications!

    Halo Bed™ Includes:


    • UV Light Sanitation
    • Operational manual
    • Training of fundamentals
    • Operational & protocol training
    • Staff & customer training
    • Lifetime warranty on mill, feeder and fan
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