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Product Assembly and Maintenance

Assembly Instructions – The first thing you will need to begin your journey is the assembly instructions for the equipment you purchased.  The assembly instructions can be accessed below organized by the name of the equipment.  No matter what you purchased, you will most likely have a Halogenerator as well. You may want to save these PDFs of the instructions to your computer and/or print these instructions out to make it easier. Also please be sure to review the appropriate videos as well.

These assembly instructions will guide you through your assembly and maintenance. It is important to cross-reference everything in your shipment with the list of items that you should be receiving. You don’t want to inadvertently discard anything important. For the HaloFX, you will also get a manual and information on on how to help protect your HVAC system if you are building a Salt Room or Salt Cave. Finally, be sure to read through these instructions before your shipment arrives so that you know how many people you will need to help and what tools that you will need. Typically the cabins require 3-4 people to help and the booths 2-3 people.

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See below for the information you need for each product. For a PDF copy of your Warranty CLICK HERE. Please watch the videos where available before reading manual and beginning set up as well. Also CLICK HERE for a folder of different forms that might be helpful for testimonials, disclaimers and memberships and CLICK HERE for a set off breathing exercises that can increase the efficacy of the halotherapy treatments.


If you have purchased the HaloFX halogenerator for salt caves, rooms and larger spaces like the large Cabin you can CLICK HERE for the manual and CLICK HERE for a video on how to install the FX.  Depending on how you have set up your space you can also CLICK HERE for information on the HVAC set up and CLICK HERE for a sample air filter to prevent salt from getting into your HVAC system. Every salt room or cave and every space is different so please consult a local HVAC expert to understand what you need to do.

If you purchased any of our other products such as the HaloIR or the HaloSTAR or one of the HaloBOOTHs you will be receiving the HaloGX halogenerator, then you can CLICK HERE for your manual and CLICK HERE for the video instructions that you should watch before you set it up.

Maintenance – The most common questions about the halogenerator are regarding the cleaning and settings of the halogenerator. In order to make it simpler to understand we have created explanatory videos. Click the links below to see these videos.

HaloFX Settings Video 

HaloFX Cleaning Video

HaloGX Video that includes assembly as well as settings and cleaning.

HaloBed – 

CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of your HaloBED manual.


HaloBOOTH (wooden) – CLICK HERE for a copy of your manual.

HaloBOOTH Pro – CLICK HERE for a copy of your manual.

HaloBOOTH Pro Medium – CLICK HERE for a copy of your manual.


CLICK HERE for a PDF version of your manual. And CLICK HERE for an installation video.

Halo-IR and the HaloSTAR

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the manual for both the HaloSTAR or Halo-IR. There is also some additional information for the Halo-IR. This is the one product that combines infrared therapy with the halotherapy. CLICK HERE for an FAQ on the Halo-IR. CLICK HERE for the protocols for using the halotherapy together with infrared therapy. Also the larger Halo-IRs have different electrical requirements than the smaller Halo-IR. CLICK HERE for the electrical information.


CLICK HERE for a PDF of the manual for the HaloFX mobile and CLICK HERE for a PDF of the manual for the HaloGX Mobile. Also CLICK HERE to see a video product overview of the HaloGX Mobile.

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