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Halotherapy In Your Pocket

Introducing the Smallest Salt Therapy Option in the World 

halo packet handheld salt therapy device

The HaloPocket™

The revolutionary HaloPocketis the smallest, commercial-grade Halogenerator ever launched.  New Halogenerator Miniaturization Technologies (HMT ™ were developed in both engineering and manufacturing to minimize the size while still maintaining the efficacy of the Halotherapy treatment.   The product is ideal for spas, wellness centers, etc. that want to offer an add-on respiratory service pre/post another treatment like massage, facials, etc.

CLICK HERE for video of HaloPocket in use.

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portable home salt therapy device machine



  • Only 7.5” (length)
  • Fast; 2-3 minute session times
  • Ships with 150 grams of pure pharmaceutical grade salt (300 sessions)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 -Year warranty

Single Unit Purchasers
Retail price $699
Online price $599
Shipping $15
(Online buying—U.S. & Canada only)

Quantity of 5
Online price $499 each
(Online buying—U.S. & Canada only. For other countries please contact us)

halopod machine for salt therapy at home


Introducing the new HaloPod™, our most versatile Halotherapy product, was developed after much research with our wellness partners who requested a portable product that would easily fit into small spaces and that didn’t require extensive or expensive room build-outs or modifications.

  • Portable: Easy to move from room-to-room or to take outside of your spa to health fairs, senior centers to promote your business or add more revenue
  • Includes portable tent solution to contain salt. Tent comes in 4 colors—black, red, navy blue and royal blue
  • Comfortable mask that maximizes dry salt absorption for individuals
  • Durable Plastic vs. Stainless Steel (no clumping – easier to clean)
HaloFX Mobile halogenerator for small spas

HaloFX™ Mobile

The HaloFX Mobile™, our original mobile halotherapy solution, is also still available. Larger than the HaloGX Mobile™, this solution can also be used with smaller salt rooms and also powers our HaloCabin Air. This product is also a great add-on revenue source (with no extra labor costs) that spas can easily use during a massage or facial treatment or even as a stand alone Halotherapy service. The HaloFX Mobile™ delivers on all

Halotherapy Solution Salt Theraphy Logo

Halo FX Mobile™ Features:


  • Portable: Easy to move from room-to-room or from storage to a treatment room
  • Directional arm target which maximizes dry salt absorption for individuals
  • Can also be used as a small room Halogenerator (up to 200 square feet)
  • Durable Plastic vs. Stainless Steel (no clumping – easier to clean)
  • Includes lifetime warranty on mill, feeder and fan



  • Dimensions: 15″ (H) x 16.5″ (L) x 12″ (D) 320mm x 420mm x 305mm
  • Length with arm extension is 32″ (820mm)
  • Weighs: 14 (lbs). (6.4 kg
  • UL Certified in the United States and Canada

Whether you are looking to build a salt room of your dreams or just wish to add salt therapy to your current services, Halotherapy Solutions provides the largest selection of the most effective salt booths, cabins, beds and halogenerators on the market today. Let our experienced halotherapy team guide you.

Health, Wellness and Beauty Businesses

Earn More Revenue! Offer a new service to your current clients and attract new customers. Limited Space? Perfect for businesses such as: tanning salons, fitness/yoga studios, beauty lofts, gyms, wellness centers, juice bars, massage studios and more…

    Mobile Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs

    No Retail Space? Bring your salt therapy services on the road to: yoga and fitness studios, local gyms, corporate offices, chiropractic and wellness centers, senior centers, YMCA’s, fire Stations, beauty lofts, health events and more…

    Existing Salt Therapy Owners

    Attract New Clients and Promote Your Salt Business Throughout Your City! Bring your portable salt therapy services to: health and fitness expo’s, corporate events, senior centers, fire stations, offer private in-home services and more.

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