HaloPod™ Portable Halotherapy

Salt therapy at home with versatility

Ideal if you want all the benefits of a big salt room at home but don’t have the space. The HaloPod™ is a portable generator with a pop-up tent, easily fitting into small spaces (under 10 sqft) and being transported with little effort. Use the HaloPod at home, take it on holiday, or even get your pets in it!
woman using HaloPod for home salt therapy and halotherapy
Woman with dog sitting in a home salt therapy HaloPod

Want an affordable solution without compromising efficacy?

  • Ideal for treating respiratory and skin conditions for those needing it more regularly
  • Salt sessions can be as short as 10 minutes due to the efficacy produced within a small tent.
  • Setup & maintenance is quick and easy, taking only a couple of minutes.

HaloPod™ Portable Halogenerator

It is an easy-to-use, reliable, and commercially designed halogenerator. With a lifetime warranty, peace of mind is guaranteed.

The HaloPod™ features the newest technology, and it is far more efficient than most of the halogenerators on the market, meaning there are more therapeutic-size particles, and it does not produce a lot of excess salt that ends up on the floor or outside of the tent.

About a 1/4 teaspoon is used and dispersed per session. 

The HaloPod™ will do up to 150sqft, so if you fancy getting a bigger tent, then this is also possible.

HaloPod portable halogenerator for salt therapy at home

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