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How Halotherapy Can Detox the Body and Clear the Mind

“Halotherapy, or breathing in of salt vapor, takes the healing properties of salt into the respiratory system. Dry salt therapy is like a natural detoxification for your airways and skin. Coming from ‘halo’, the Greek word for salt, Halotherapy is the use of vapor utilizes micro particles of salt to promote optimal health and wellness”, states health coach Jessica Cohen on her Blog Eat Sleep Be.

“When you inhaled salt it helps to reduce inflammation, widen the airways, accelerate mucus release, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system. Studies show that people with asthma and chronic upper respiratory conditions can achieve significant benefits from salt therapy. It has also been recommended for patients suffering from pulmonary heart disease and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, such as chronic bronchitis). People with cystic fibrosis can benefit from salt therapy as well. It can also be helpful for treating airborne allergies, sinusitis, and even bacteria from staph infection,” continues Cohen.

Cohen goes on to say: “Proponents of salt therapy believe in the emotional benefits too, that it helps relax the body, reduce tension headaches, alleviate stress, increase energy, encourage alertness, improve mood, and promote a better night’s rest.”

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