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Halotherapy Solutions Expands US Presence

Originally, Halotherapy Solutions managed all of its US service and support out of Florida. However as the business grew and our customers spread across the country, we relocated the US service team to Ontonagon MI. This new location allows us to be more centrally located as well as providing new jobs in a challenged part of the country.

Based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Ontonagon has long been a center of the logging and copper mining industries. But as these industries shrank so did the local economy even though the local population is hard-working and eager to find new ways to support their families.

Over the past couple of years our service team has been based in a small building in downtown. Now, though, as the business has continued to expand we have moved to a larger building uptown across from the hospital.

The corporate headquarters will remain in Mattapoisett, MA. And, as usual, if you have any questions about anything you can reach out to or call 833-200-4209.

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