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Halotherapy on Wheels

Salt Cave On The Go in Las Vegas has taken mobile halotherapy to the next level. Utilizing a customized RV, Salt Cave OTG  uses a Halogenerator by Halotherapy Solutions to distribute atomized pure pharmaceutical salt throughout the environment.

Halotherapy capitalizes on the natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt to help reduce the impact of maladies such as asthma, allergies, COPD, stress and even for skin issues like psoriasis and eczema.

If you would like more information on how to add halotherapy to your spa or wellness business, CLICK HERE.

GWI Halotherapy Initiatives 3rd Fireside Chat Replay

Global Wellness Institute’s “Salt & Halotherapy Initiative” produced the 3rd Halotherapy Fireside Chat on October 28th. If you missed it or want to revisit, you can CLICK HERE for the replay.  

MANY of you reached out after the Fireside Chat to become resellers to consumers.  Contact Erin at today to start making money during the holiday season. For a video of Erin using the new HaloPocket, CLICK HERE.

As we all try to figure out the “new normal” given COVID, there are both difficult challenges and huge opportunities.   The home wellness market is absolutely exploding now with Peloton home bike sales being one of the best success stories. 

This Fireside Chat will explore how Spas & Halotherapy facility owners can also participate in this home wellness boom—while not cannibalizing their existing salt therapy facility business. And perfect timing, as there is still time to take advantage of holiday gift-giving opportunities.  

The subject was: “New Revenue Stream: Selling/Renting Halotherapy Equipment to Consumers”

As consumers are even more concerned about their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity the market opportunity may be even larger and more profitable to be selling/renting halotherapy equipment.  
This can be to both your existing customers and to new people in your community who may prefer to have halotherapy in their home instead of coming into a facility regularly. 

Please CLICK HERE to watch the replay and learn from 2 current resellers of halotherapy equipment to consumers and also learn how to become a reseller yourself.  Our guest speakers were fabulous:

1) Dianna Manoogian, Owner/Operator of the incredible halotherapy facility in Sarasota, FL and email at

2) Erin Lee, Owner/Operator of Koru Wellness in the UK. and can be reached at

Steve Spiro, Chairman of the GWI Halotherapy Initiative was the moderator of the Fireside Chat and can be reached at

Additional information can be found at the Global Wellness Institute’s Halotherapy Initiative and the World Halotherapy Association. 

Touchless Spa Services – The GWI Halotherapy Initiative’s Fireside Chat #2

One of the fastest growing trends in the spa business as we hopefully emerge from the worst of the COVID business closings is touchless spa services. So, the Global Wellness Institute’s Halotherapy Initiative had a Fireside Chat to discuss these services with some industry leaders on September 30th. See below for a link to the replay. Also check back on our home page or social media channels for information on the next Chat which should be in about 2 weeks.

As you might have guessed, these services like halotherapy, infrared sauna, cryotherapy and light therapy, don’t require any spa personnel to directly interact with the customer and the equipment can be easily cleaned and disinfected in between visits. This not only makes the services potentially safer but also reduces the cost to support.

For this discussion GWI Halotherapy Initiative chair and Halotherapy Solutions CEO Steve Spiro will be joined by award-winning spa consultant Amy McDonald CEO of Under A Tree Wellness Consulting and Tammy Pahel, the VP of Spa and Wellness Operations at the Carillon Miami Wellness ResortCLICK HERE for a blog post on what the Carillon is doing with touchless services and halotherapy today.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see the replay of this Fireside Chat on Touchless Services. Also, the first Fireside Chat was about Halotherapy and Asthma and was a discussion between Steve Spiro and Asthma expert Kathleen Slonager. CLICK HERE for a replay of that discussion.

Finally, CLICK HERE if you would like more information on Halotherapy.


How to Safely Reopen Your Spa or Wellness Business

The biggest question on the minds of the owners and managers of spa and wellness centers, is how to re-open their businesses safely as well as how to best serve their customers needs.

Halotherapy Solutions sponsored a webinar recently where industry experts discussed best practices in this area.

CLICK HERE for a replay of this webinar on YouTube. The Global Wellness Institute’s Halotherapy Initiative also has a Fireside Chat on September 30th at 1 pm ET discussing how spas are using “touch-less services” to grow their businesses post COVID. HERE is a link for more information on this webinar and how to register.

Additionally, there are other posts here where spa owners and other publications discuss what they are doing to emerge from this situation as best they can.

CLICK HERE for information on iSPAs COVID re-opening resources and CLICK HERE for an article on what will likely change in spas in the new normal.

Finally, if you would like more information on how to add Halotherapy to your spa, wellness or fitness center, CLICK HERE.

GWI Fireside Chat – Halotherapy and Asthma – Replay

The Global Wellness Institute’s Halotherapy Initiative kicked off its Fireside Chat series with a discussion about Asthma and Halotherapy on Wednesday September 16th at 1 pm ET. If you missed it and are interested, you can access a replay by CLICKING HERE. The next Fireside Chat will be on September 30th at 1 pm ET and will discuss “How to Grow Your Spa with Touchless Services” and you can CLICK HERE to register.

Joined by Asthma expert Kathleen Slonager in the first episode, Steve Spiro, chairman of the GWI’s Halotherapy Initiative discussed how asthma affects the body and how halotherapy can help relieve some of the symptoms.

In addition to being the chairman of the GWI Halotherapy Initiative, “Halotherapy Steve” is also the CEO of Halotherapy Solutions.

Kathleen has studied and practiced homeopathy in Michigan since 1993 and is currently the executive director of the Michigan Chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Center. She can be found at Transformational Health PC.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness. GWI’s research, programs and initiatives have been instrumental in the growth of the USD $4.5 trillion wellness economy—and in uniting the health and wellness industries.

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