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Customer Success – At Halotherapy Solutions, we are also very committed to helping you succeed. Towards this end, we have a recorded webinar called “Maximize your Success” and a Customer Success Playbook available in your Google Drive (linked to the picture of your equipment on the right). We also recommend networking with other halotherapy owners and operators via our partner FaceBook group to find new ideas and best practices. CLICK HERE to join. Additionally we have a number of other resources to help you be successful in a Marketing Folder. Click Here to access these resources. 

Sample Forms – We have provided a sample Disclaimer Form that you should use with your customers prior to their halotherapy sessions. We have also provided a sample membership and testimonial form in the Google Drive (linked to the picture of your equipment on the right). Testimonials are a great way to promote your business so capturing them from as many clients as possible will be very helpful. Click Here to access your sample forms. 

Rack Cards – We have provided a number of condition-specific Rack Cards for promotional use. If you want to provide this kind of marketing support in your facility you can simply have those you like printed out at your local printer or Staples or VistaPrint. Click Here for access to the rack cards.

KSAra Guided Meditation – Another complimentary service you have access to as our partner is KSAra Guided Meditation. These are recorded guided meditations specifically created to use with Halotherapy. If you are interested in this you can download the information and the audio files HERE. There are also some Breathing Exercises in a PDF that you could provide to your clients to improve their halotherapy experience. Click Here to get access to the breathing exercises. 

World Halotherapy Association – There is a new independent, physician-­backed Halotherapy association set up to support the enormous growth in our industry. The WHA, is the most comprehensive Halotherapy Association and the only one that is not associated with any “for profit” company. They are a wealth of information and resources, including, treatment guidelines, physician level portfolio for use with the medical community and a lot of additional great collateral/marketing pieces including a customizable brochure that you just have to add your logo and contact information to. You can check out their website by clicking HERE. And for a discount on membership, use the code GHS15.

Great Links to Information For Your Website or Social Media

  1. Dr. OZ Explaining Halotherapy on YouTube
  2. Great Article on Unhealthy Air from CNN
  3. Global Wellness Institute Halotherapy Initiative
  4. Kenny Kong Talks Halotherapy Marketing at the 2019 WHA Symposium – Kenny Kong, perhaps the most successful halotherapy entrepreneur in Australia, spoke at the World Halotherapy Association’s inaugural symposium in Las Vegas, NV this past September. Be sure to sign up for next year. Click Here for more info on the WHA.
  5. Another great way to promote your business is by posting seasonal updates on things like Ragweed Season, Asthma Awareness Month, etc. that can potentially coincide with specials. Pollen Bombs are always fun to post to get people thinking about pollen and allergies. Click Here for a great example.

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