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Your personal road map to online resources, marketing materials, modality training and ongoing support.

Customer Success Team
  • Professional advisory board

  • Experienced halotherapy providers

  • Marketing and business team

  • Renowned international Spa consultant

  • Sales people and consultants in several countries

  • CEO Steve Spiro has been selected the Chairman of the “Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative” at the Global Wellness Institute for the last 7 years

  • $2000.00 Value – Free marketing material

The Customer Success team provides essential support and resources, they serve as your primary contact not only with post-sale, but also before and after the delivery of your product.

Pre-Delivery Support

Regular Delivery Updates→
We will communicate with you as soon as your down payment is made to confirm your delivery info and desired date. After that we will keep you updated with tracking numbers and assembly information on a regular basis.
Customer Success Portal→
This website contains educational materials, videos, business success resources, and pre-launch marketing materials. In the Customer Success portal you will also find customizable Marketing templates and email templates to grow your business, as well as easy to follow instructions and videos on how to use the templates. You will get an automated email from our Customer Success Team as soon as your down payment is made, and this gives you access to the Customer Success Portal.
Custom Marketing Videos→
Our team can create free custom videos with your business name and logo to advertise and educate people about your new equipment.

Timely Deliveries→
A majority of our products can be delivered within 2-4 weeks, depending on your desired delivery date.
Dedicated and knowledgeable billing team→
They work closely with you to ensure the payment process is easy and additional invoices are sent in a timely manner.

Post-Delivery Support

Communication & Support→
The Customer Success Team reaches out to you after delivery of your equipment to ensure your delivery process was smooth and satisfactory. The team can also help you with the assembly and operation process. We have experts available to guide you and troubleshoot any areas of concerns with the equipment, and we can get things replaced and fixed in a timely manner. We will reach out to you with follow-up check-in at the 3-month,and 6-month mark.
Product & Technical training→
You can easily schedule an appointment with our Director of Customer Service to train you and your team on assembling, operating, and cleaning your new equipment.
Business Success Training→
You can also schedule an appointment with our Director of Customer Success to train you and your team on marketing and educating your customers about Halotherapy, how to sell and price your new services, and other best business practices. The Customer Success team is your advocate to help educate, prepare and succeed in your Halotherapy business.
HaloPartner Program→
The Customer Success manager will introduce you to our incredible Halo Partner program. This program helps you earn extra income by hosting our prospective clients at your facility and referring leads to us directly. There are other amazing benefits such as being featured on our social media channels and website.

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Engaging and Supportive Facebook Group→
We have an exclusive Facebook group for all of our customers to share best practices, collaborate, and be informed about new resources being offered by our Customer Success Team.


At Halotherapy Solutions, we are committed to creating lifelong partnerships with our customers and providing the best support from planning to running your salt therapy businesses.
We are passionate about helping people become healthier through halotherapy and equally passionate about working with you as partners to make you wildly successful in your business.


  • Our people owned or currently own a salt therapy facility so they can best guide and support you

  • Unquestionably, providing the best warranty in the industry

  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction – Our company is the only salt therapy supplier accredited by the Better Business Bureau and with an A+ rating

  • Great flexible financing options to help you get started, even interest free. Learn more…

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Halotherapy marketing and support team
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Marketing Support

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Social Media (including very helpful private FB group for our customers)

  • Connecting with the holistic community

  • Free Video Ad studio. Learn more…

halotherapy salt therapy brochures and flyers
This is so great! Thank you so much! Our booth should be here this week and we plan to assemble it this weekend! What a great service- the marketing resources are so helpful and we really appreciate it, as this is a completely new business venture for us.
Jeremy R. OR

Podcast – New!

Our “Just Add Salt” is a captivating podcast series designed for individuals and business owners keen on discovering salt therapy’s transformative benefits. Join us as we delve into the world of halotherapy, exploring its history, applications, and the science behind its effectiveness. Each episode features a distinguished guest speaker, all of whom share their unique expertise and personal experiences with salt therapy. We aim to provide valuable insights and answers to your most pressing questions about halotherapy.

Customer Retention Support

  • Managing halotherapy customer expectations

  • Setting proper price points

  • Targeting and promoting to existing and new clients

  • Cross promotions

  • Referral programs

  • Memberships

  • Packages

  • Customer education

International Sales & Support

Our products have been very popular all around the globe for many years. Plus, as the whole world was impacted by COVID, we have seen increasing demand all over the world for our respiratory wellness equipment. Some of these countries include Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UAE, Jordan, France, the U.K., Ireland, and many others.

Halotherapy solutions list of international customers map

Touchless Wellness Awards

At Halotherapy Solutions, we have always championed innovation and transformation in the wellness industry. The Touchless Wellness Awards (TWA) represents a culmination of all the outstanding contributions of businesses that have embraced touchless modalities to enhance well-being. As more and more of our customers are adding other Touchless wellness services to their facilities, we believe it’s time to recognize the best facilities driving innovation forward each year.
Touchless Wellness Awards

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