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Salt Décor

Himalayan salt walls and panels for salt rooms

Himalayan Salt Walls

Beautifully illuminated, hand-carved Himalayan salt blocks for

  • Salt Rooms
  • Salt chambers
  • Yoga rooms
  • Offices
  • Home
  • Lobbies
  • And many other decorations
elegant himalayan salt room with tile floor and walls and salt panels on the ceiling

Himalayan Salt Panels

Illuminated salt frames and panels

  • Pink
  • White
  • Tiles
  • Chunks
  • Corse
  • For Walls
  • For Ceilings

fine grain himalayan salt décor panel large salt brick panel medium Himalayan salt tile wall décor panel large himalayan salt chunk décor panel pre-made

Himalayan Salt Chunks

white Himalayan salt chunks
medium sized pink Himalayan salt chunks
large Himalayan salt chunks

Floor Salt


  • Pink
  • White
himalayan salt room floor salt

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