HaloRestore & Recovery™

Health Smart Massage Chair

Muscle Recovery

Rejuvenate and wake up the body in the morning, or relax and recover after a busy day. This full body, Health Smart massage chair engulfs your body in a symphony of therapeutic massage techniques. With AI voice control, multi-speed adjustments, and a Bluetooth surround sound system, personalize your experience with ease and control.
  • Health detection feature listing vital statistics
  • Body type detection for perfect massage for everyone
  • Enriched oxygen through negative Ion feature
  • AI voice controlled
  • 4-D SL track for true full body massage


  • One click health check
  • Heated back warmer
  • Airbag wrap massage
  • Portable large touch screen
  • Bluetooth surround sound system


Dimensions: 161 cm x 76 cm x 161 cm

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