Halotherapy Business

Why Halotherapy?

The halotherapy a.k.a. dry salt therapy business is experiencing incredible growth in 2022 as so many people are taking action to improve their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity after two years of being bombarded by COVID.
According to SpaFinder, and other industry experts, Halotherapy continues to be one of the top growing trends with no sign of slowing.

  • A shift toward more natural remedies vs. pharmaceuticals

  • Effective and popular modality to expand services and revenue

  • Touchless – Does not require extra labor

  • No special licensing or certification required

  • Large target audience – Not a niche market

  • Regular clientele – Most issues treated with halotherapy are chronic or recurring ailments

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How our products help your business grow?

The Business Has Shifted

The industry has quickly shifted away from large Salt Rooms to personalized/smaller Salt Cabins—ESPECIALLY those that combine Halotherapy with other very popular wellness modalities.
Our company has seen huge growth as we are the ONLY company that offers products that combine salt therapy with Infrared and salt therapy with RedLight!

  • Minimal labor and start-up cost

  • Accelerated return on investment

  • Largest selection of salt therapy equipment in the world

  • Global leaders in  “Plug & Play” equipment

  • The best warranty in the industry (Lifetime Warranty on our Halogenerators)

  • The only salt therapy equipment supplier with Better Business Bureau A+ rating

  • 24/7 U.S. and international technical support

  • Outstanding lifetime partner support. Click here to learn more

Over 5000 partners worldwide

Next generation integrated technology

With thoughtful designs driven to support elevated wellness experiences, our company has been continuously developing new technologies to maximize the efficacy of different modalities and the client experience.

Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna

old couple enjoying halotherapy in a salt booth

This is the first-ever joint product custom developed between the Infrared and the Halotherapy industry. Unique usage protocols have been jointly developed and tested by ClearLight® Sauna and HalotherapySolutions™.
The HaloIR™ is the only sauna/halotherapy combo in the world that was custom designed to be protected against the corrosive effects of salt.

Halotherapy and Red Light Therapy

woman having treatment in a salt therapy and redlight therapy Vitality Booth

The VitalityBooth™ is the most versatile salt booth offering many setup combinations that fit your business the best. It is the world’s first and only halotherapy equipment combing salt therapy and red light therapy.

Other wellness modalities

Halotherapy is the perfect partner across many wellness modalities and disciplines to enhance the experience and increase revenue without adding any labor costs.

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Reiki

  • And many others


HaloPartner™ Program

Partner with us and unlock premium benefits, including complimentary expert marketing assistance, to propel your business growth

Our Partners

Clearlight® Sauna, Touch America®, Himalayan Source® and many more

Easy, flexible financing

We offer the 2 most flexible financing programs in the industry.

  • You can choose to work with our 3rd party finance company to finance your whole purchase over an extended period.
  • OR you can choose to work with us directly and receive our 5-month Interest-Free program after your initial down payment is made.

In either case, you can build up your business while conserving your cash outlay.

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