Halotherapy in Spas, Wellness Centers and Gyms

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Halotherapy in Spas

The spa and wellness industry is an ever-evolving industry where new ideas and modalities bring new customers and keep regulars coming back.

Nowadays, after the pandemic, people are more concerned about their respiratory health and being able to have private and more personalized sessions.
Salt therapy, especially combined with infrared therapy, is, without a doubt, the most relaxing touchless experience you can provide to your customers.

Our team owned or currently own a salt therapy facility so they can best guide and support you.

3 Modalities on 30-50 ft²

salt therapy and infrared sauna booth in a spa

The HaloSauna™

Halotherapy and Infrared Sauna with Optional Red Light

red light therapy and salt room therapy cabin in with halogenerator in a salt room spa with Himalayan salt block walls

The Vitality Booth Plus™

Halotherapy and Red Light Therapy

The only company that offers

  • Halotherapy products that are specifically designed and manufactured to work with other modalities.

  • The best warranty in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on our halogenerators – which are the best-selling machines in the world

  • Customer support provided by current and former salt therapy business owners

  • Free marketing materials

  • Free video ads for our customers

  • Lifetime customer support starting with pre-launch consultation to ensure your success

salt therapy equipment and halogenerators with lifetime warranty
salt room and halogenerator free financing

Sound investment

With rising rents and labor costs, our products have become extremely popular among business owners.

  • Sought-after multi-modalities provided by a single piece of equipment

  • Small space requirement

  • Minimal maintenance

  • No additional labor

  • Easy to learn without license requirements

  • Touchless service

  • Low investment with high and quick return

salt therapy business growth chart

Our company has grown over 300% in the past two years, managing to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We make it easy for you

  • From planning to setting up to helping you run your business.

  • Hundreds of our customers started their businesses or added our product to an existing one, using our great financing options.

  • Our 6-month, interest-free financing option helped many to get started right away without using their own capital and are able to pay it off with the revenue from the new services they now offer.

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Wellness and Fitness Centers – Gyms

Halotherapy is one of the most effective natural therapies to increase endurance and lung capacity, thus quickly becoming part of the wellness and sports industry.

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