Halotherapy and Meditation


KSAra, the Sanskrit word for Salt, is a powerful combination of guided
meditation and halotherapy, two popular therapies now coming together as one.

This is another complimentary service you have access to as our partner, specifically created to complement salt therapy.

In addition to your equipment, and the free guided mediation audio files, you will also receive a list of breathing exercises specifically targeted at increasing the benefits of Halotherapy

KSAra meditation logo
salt chamber image collage


Why Halotherapy and Meditation work very well together?

Dry salt therapy is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and relieves stress, boosts immunity and creates a deep relaxation. Layered on top, guided meditation takes it to the next level and can really have great results for stress and anxiety relief as well as teaching your clients to be able to breath better to maximize the Halotherapy experience and efficacy.


Amazing experience today!
Did the KSAra salt therapy & meditation. So relaxing and rejuvenating! I can’t wait
to go back! Highly recommend it.

Lisa Shields from Pocasset