HaloPartner™ Program

Halopartner program benefits

How does it work?

As a HaloPartner, you can earn extra money as a regional showroom for our salt therapy equipment, welcoming prospective clients directed by us. These appointments are scheduled in advance to accommodate your busy hours and facility closures. The primary objective is for prospects to experience our products firsthand.

We only direct customers who are located more than an hour away or visiting from out-of-town, ensuring no direct competition. This partnership requires minimal effort with significant returns.

See all the benefits

  • We will send our potential customers to you to try the equipment; you will earn $150 for each visit, and $250 if they purchase (regardless of the number of units purchased)
  • You can submit leads to us, and we will pay you if the lead ends up purchasing equipment. If they purchase a Halogenerator we will pay you $250 per unit. If they purchase an enclosure, we will pay you $500 per unit (applies only to the first order of the submitted lead).
  • Your business will be featured on our social media channels
  • You will be eligible to be interviewed for our upcoming podcast series, “Just Add Salt”
  • Your business will be eligible to be featured on our website
  • You will be added to our HaloPartner Map