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HALO™ Halogenerators 

Reliable, CE-Certified with Lifetime Warranty 

Exclusively used by award-winning salt room designers and builders.

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✓ Over 5100 sold worldwide

Why are our Halogenerators the best-selling?

  • Proven reliability for over 13 years – backed by an unmatched Lifetime Warranty
  • U.S. and EU based customer service
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Self-cleaning, Non-clumping technology
  • Superior performance.
    Over 73% of the particles are smaller than 0.51 µm, and over 94% of the particles are less than 1.1 µm!
    Other brands produce approx. 90%  ≤ 2µm.
  • SaltPerfect™ Technology
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Saltperfect halogenerator technology
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For salt rooms

halogenerator with lifetime warranty and CE certified
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For small salt rooms, chambers, booths and cabins

halogenerator with lifetime warranty and CE certified
Halogenerator for salt therapy at home

Mobile/Portable halogenerator

What is a Halogenerator?

No matter how much salt décor, how many Himalayan salt boulders and bricks a salt room has, it is still necessary to have a halogenerator in order to provide effective halotherapy. High quality Halogenerators play the most important role in providing that effective therapy. They crush the salt crystals to approximately 0.1-2 micron-sized particles that we are able to breathe in. An efficient machine crushes the salt to the desired size without producing too many large particles. Large particles are unnecessary waste that usually ends up on the floor below the halogenerator inside the room instead of reaching our lungs and skin.

What is SaltPerfect™?

Our cutting-edge SaltPerfect™ technology, a product of innovative engineering, is tailored to produce the ideal size and distribution of salt particles.

How do Halogenerators work?

Traditional Halogenerators have 4 main parts.

1. One of the most important parts is the Mill, which is an extremely high RPM motor, and the blades that are attached to it. 

2. The Feeder that supplies the salt to the mill.

3. A very precisely calibrated fan that pushes the micron-sized salt particles into the room or cabin.

4. Housing. The design of the housing is just as important as the Mill’s. A well-engineered halogenerator will not let the larger than desired particles leave the generator by forcing them to fall back onto the Mill’s blades until they are crushed small and light enough to be blown out by the fan. The housing also serves as a protection against humidity inside the unit. To achieve the best results, high quality plastic housing and parts are used in the best performing halogenerators.

Metals transfer heat at a significantly higher rate than plastics, creating higher than acceptable humidity inside the generator and more noise in the salt room. The salt needs to be as dry as possible to be crushed into micron sized particles. Usually, salt rooms are air conditioned and relatively cool, the salt on the other hand is heated, causing instant moisture condensation on the halogenerator’s metal surfaces.
The other reasons for avoiding metal parts are corrosion and vibration. Plastics are viscoelastic and do not transfer vibrations nearly as well as metals, resulting in much quieter operation.

The latest and most advanced halogenerator technology is a hybrid method, incorporating both the mill technology and the cyclone technology. These machines are way more effective at producing only the desired-sized salt particles and require much less maintenance. Currently the only halogenerators using this technology are the HaloGX PRO and the HaloIR. These halogenerators quickly became the most popular machines, outselling every other model worldwide. 

All my generators at Salt of the Earth Sarasota are from Halotherapy Solutions. They are amazing machines. The staff is great and always willing to help anyway they can. No reason to choose anyone else.
Dianna Zildjian Manoogian, Owner Salt of Earth

HSL Halogenerators are used throughout the world. Maintenance and repair are minimal. If you experience any problems our support team is available 24/7 and will overnight anything that you need, free of charge under our lifetime warranty. There are very few metal components, and it is NOT a touch screen, so no screen scramble, or “fuses” that need replacing, or unnecessary repair kits.
Far and away they have been the most user-friendly, maintenance and repair-free commercial-grade Halogenerators on the market for over 12 years.

BBB A+ accredited salt therapy supplier

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