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Halogenerators for Home

Halogenerator uses at home

Halogenerators are essential to halotherapy. These machines crush the salt into particles, small enough to breathe in to provide effective and safe salt therapy.

Most common home uses:

pre-built salt cabin with halogenerator for home salt therapy

Pre-built equipment provided with halogenerators

pre-built salt cabin with halogenerator for home salt therapy

Salt rooms

custom made salt chamber using HaloGX halogenerator

Custom-built salt cabins

How to install your halogenerator

  • Installation is quick and easy with basic tools

  • Simple plug-in electrical connection

  • All professional-grade halogenerators have to be installed on the outside of an enclosed area in order to maintain the optimal salt concentration, provide fresh air during the halotherapy session and keep the salt from getting to other parts of your home

  • Never use them in open rooms, bathrooms, showers, closets and outdoors

Choosing the right equipment

Halotherapy Solutions provides the best-selling and most reliable halogenerators.
Our industry-leading technology produces the smallest particles and the most efficient salt distribution.
Click here to learn more about the performance of our equipment.

halogenerator for a salt chamber

HaloGX™ Pro

For small salt rooms and salt cabins
(up to 150sqft)

halofx halogenerator small


For large salt rooms
(up to 440sqft)

halogenerator with lifetime warranty and CE certified

Operation and maintenance

  • Setup is quick and easy, taking only a few seconds
  • Our halogenerators are virtually maintenance free
  • Being the most efficient equipment on the market, the operational cost is minimal, only a few cents per session
  • Peace of mind is guaranteed. No other brand matches our lifetime warranty
  • BBB A+ rated customer service
  • Click here to learn how halogenerators work

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