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Halogenerator Performance Test

The optimal salt particle size

To achieve the best results in salt therapy, a good halogenerator should produce salt particles that are between 0.1 micron and 2microns in size, provide even distribution and stable salt concentration throughout the therapy session.

Why is it important?
Smaller salt particles are easier to inhale and penetrate deeper, making halotherapy more effective.
Larger, thus heavier particles end up on the floor, chairs, and walls instead of reaching the respiratory system.


Test results in a salt room

Salt particle test results in a salt therapy room
Halogenerator salt particle size test results

As the charts show, our halogenerators are industry leading. They produce over 73% smaller than 0.51 µm particles, and over 94% less than 1.1 µm sized salt particles.

The unused residue (over 5 µm) is less than 1/6th of a percent, resulting in minimal waste and the most effective salt therapy. 

Watch the testing

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