Halogenerator Installation HaloGX™

Halogenerator Specifications

Height 24.5″ (662mm)
Width 8.3″ (210mm)
Depth 6.1″ (155mm)
Weight 16.75 lbs. (7.6 kg)

Power requirements
110/230 V
50/60 Hz

Different plugs are available for country-specific
Advise during the order process.

salt room halogenerator installation guide

How to install your Halogenerator

All professional-grade halogenerators are installed outside the salt room to ensure the flow of fresh air instead of circulating the same air in the room or cabin for 25-40 minutes.

1. Cut a rectangular opening of 2.165 x 4.33 inches (55 x 110 mm) in size into the wall of the salt room approximately 60 inches
(1.5m) from the ground.
Use the provided extension sleeve for thicker walls.

2. Position the Halo-GX generator into place and fasten it with (2) Phillips-head Screws

3. Install the scoop on the inner wall of the salt room

4. Connect the plug to an electrical outlet

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