HaloRestore & Recovery™

Staying relevant in today’s wellness industries

The #1 trusted Halotherapy supplier globally, and the first to offer next-generation salt therapy does it again!​

Halotherapy Solutions is excited to announce HaloRestore & Recovery™, an innovative wellness solution in partnership with industry leading spa equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The only company in the world to pair salt therapy with a complete portfolio of RESTORE and RECOVERY equipment.​​

With the recent surge in emphasis on recovery, it is more important to provide your guests, clients, and members with the right tools. This also allows you to increase revenue per client without added labor.​
​HaloRestore & Recovery™ packages and protocols provide the benefit of improved respiratory wellness, contrast therapy, recovery, relaxation, pain management, and overall immune health for a totally new therapeutic experience for everyone!​​
Changing the way businesses approach supporting their members on their wellness journey. Stay relevant in today’s  wellness and fitness industry!

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Discover the power to transform your business into the ultimate haven of relaxation and recovery

Fire and Ice Package

Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice Package

Vitality Restore

Fire and Ice Package

Revive & Rejuvenate

Fire and Ice Package

Hyper Restore

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