Our guests are blown away

My first experience with halotherapy was meeting Lisa Semerly when she opened her business in Okemos, MI. About 5 years later, when exploring the option of adding halotherapy to my chiropractic business (Williamston Wellness), I received a response from Lisa, who was then working for Halotherapy Solutions. I knew I could trust the product and the company, because I knew of her experience and passion for salt therapy. My husband and I did 6 months of “spa recon”, visiting numerous salt rooms across the Midwest. During those visits I fully recovered my taste and smell which had been dysfunctional due to COVID-19. I began encouraging existing patients to seek halotherapy at other facilities (who also use Halotherapy Solutions equipment) while we built our own. All of my patients who did seek halotherapy had excellent post-COVID and asthma symptom recovery. It has taken a full year to build out the two rooms which now house a 4-person ADA compliant HaloIR and a HaloFX. We opened the ZENspire Multi-Sensory Experience in early March 2023. Our guests are blown away by the quality and roominess of the 4-person HaloIR and we have had many compliments from guests who have been to other facilities, telling us our sauna and salt cave are by far the best they have experienced. Halotherapy Solutions is the real deal. I am glad that I invested in the best equipment on the market.