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Cryo T Cooler

Cryo T Cooler

Localized Electric Cryostimulation Machine

The device uses standard electricity as the cooling agent to perform local cryo sessions. The CRYO-T Cooler can be customized according to customer’s technical and design requirements (OEM).

The innovative handpiece is equipped with two laser pointers which enables the operator to keep the applicator at an optimal distance from the skin during the procedure. This solution helps to achieve faster results. It is beneficial for both the patient and the operator by optimizing the cost and time of treatment.


  • 100% Electric
  • Two mode options
  • 9 levels of airflow options
  • Reduces discomfort and uplifts the general well being of the patients
  • Safety features prevent customer discomfort
  • Large target group in the sports, wellness, and beauty industries
  • Simple and safe application
  • Easy user interface
  • Skin improvements as a treatment bonus


Dimensions: 40 cm x 65 cm x 82 cm | Hose length: 180 cm | Weight: 45 Kg (100 lbs)

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