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About Halotherapy Solutions

Meet Our Executive Team

Steve Spiro CEO of Halotherpay solutions

Steve Spiro, CEO

Steve has over 35 years of highly successful business expertise, blending 15 years working at large consumer electronics/technology companies and 22 years with entrepreneurial businesses; in multiple executive roles and as an angel investor; similar to Shark Tank. He was on the original startup team of Audible.com which was sold to Amazon.com. He is a true pioneer, and an expert at growing “new ideas/products” into explosive, very profitable businesses in both the consumer and B2B segments.
Steve has tremendous international business experience, having lived in Tokyo and China, managing 60 distributors in 40 countries. His time in Asia introduced him to the power of natural healing modalities.
CEO, Steve Spiro, has been selected for the 5th consecutive year as Chairman of the prestigious Global Wellness Institute “Salt Therapy Initiative”

Steve Spiro CEO of Halotherpay solutions

Lisa Semerly, VP

Sales & Business Development

 Lisa has a long and varied career in the health and wellness space. She founded Remedi Spa and Wellness in East Lansing, Michigan. She was a Lead Executive Representative with Merck & Co., Inc. in Respiratory Health, for over a decade. Lisa was also a Territory Business Manager at Bristol Myers-Squibb, in the area of Cardiovascular and Dermatology. Lisa has a masters degree from Michigan State University and is a licensed Esthetician, trained in both Aveda and Chanel skin care and cosmetics.



Meet Our HS
Advisory Board

Creating National Awareness For Halotherapy

Amy McDonald member of the advisory board

Amy McDonald

Amy McDonald is a 30+ year health, wellness and sustainability expert who merges the best in resort hospitality and urban healthcare into integrated business models. A widely recognized and sought after innovator in transformational health and wellness programming, she is an expert in merging the best of resort hospitality with functional, integrative medicine into holistic models. Over the last 14 years, working with a diverse blend of seasoned industry experts, Amy leads teams through concept development and execution on an array of projects with national and global brands such as Mii Amo, Chable, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Starwood Capital Group, Cirque du Soleil, Watermark Retirement Communities to ensure that relevant health and wellness services and facilities are designed to support innovative programming and services.

Erin Lee Advisory Board

Erin Lee

With over 20 years experience in the construction industry and the past 10 years exclusively designing, project managing and constructing a wide variety of exclusive high end commerical and residential heat experience rooms, Erin also owns her own Halotherapy facility in the UK. As Founder of the UK Halotherapy Network and now the Executive Director of the prestigious World Halotherapy Association, her goal is to raise the awareness of and help further educate others on the benefits of Halotherapy.
kathleen e1626023511231

Kathleen Slonager

Kathleen is the Executive Director of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – Michigan Chapter, a non-profit charity dedicated to education and training for all those affected by asthma and allergies, as well as the professionals that take care of them. She is also the CEO for Transformational Health, PC – a holistic health care practice

andrew mayo e1626023638737

Dr. Andrew Mayo

The great-grandson of the founders of the Mayo Clinic will be helping spread Halotherapy to the medical and holistic wellness communities, while also conducting research and developing specific breathing exercises during salt therapy sessions for maximum results.

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Franco Harris

NFL Hall of Fame, Super Bowl MVP, health entrepreneur. Promoting Halotherapy to professional and amateur teams, trainers, and players – as salt therapy is beneficial for increased endurance/stamina.

Why You Should Partner With Us


High Quality Equipment And Most Diverse Product Portfolio
Our commercial-medical grade Halogenerators are considered the highest quality in the industry, with minimal cleaning & maintenance needed. With quality and safety always top of mind, our company was the first halotherapy company to achieve UL certification. We offer the widest selection of products that include Booths, Cabins, Beds, and Portable/Mobile solutions, as well as gorgeous salt rooms/salt caves and an extensive selection of beautiful salt panels and decor. Additionally, we offer in-home halotherapy solutions that our partners can resell to consumers who have more chronic challenges or trouble traveling.

Highest Integrity
When you make an equipment purchase, you should carefully consider the integrity of the company, as it is a partnership. Our company is with you before, during, and most importantly, after the purchase. Halotherapy Solutions is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Expert, Free Consulting
Our Team of experts will provide the necessary insight to help you launch the most successful business, from marketing and operational expertise to exceptional customer service. Our Team members are experts in the industry, and always available to bounce idea off of and share current trends in the wellness industry. And it’s free—no hidden fees! Additionally, access to a Halotherapy Solutions team member is available 24×7.

We are big believers in strategic alignments. We work synergistically with the best in the industry to bring you the highest quality goods and services.

  • Some of our large wellness partners include Clearlight Saunas, Universal Companies and the Carillon
  • We also partner with 2 of the top salt room & cave designers/builders in North America, Elemeants and TouchAmerica.
  • We also empower our partners to resell our in-home solutions to help people with more chronic conditions or trouble traveling.
  • Steve Spiro, our CEO, serves as the Chairman of the Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, part of the Global Wellness Institute where he interacts with the top global leaders in wellness

We are continually looking to improve/expand the Halotherapy ecosystem through strong partnerships

Halotherapy Solutions

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