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Breathe Salt, Breathe Better

More and more Chiropractors, especially since COVID, are adding halotherapy (dry salt therapy) as a “touchless” treatment option in their practices. Additionally, they are retailing the handheld HaloPocket Halogenerator to their patients to use at home and for travel. Folks are searching for ways to improve their respiratory health and Chiropractors are looking for additional revenue streams that don’t require added labor costs.

“The most rewarding part has been seeing the improvements in my clients’ health – all drug free.” – Alex, Chiropractor

Halotherapy is a great way to improve your customers’ health as well as boosting the profitability of your business with an accelerated return on investment without the added cost of overhead or staff.

  • Why adding halotherapy simply makes sense for a chiropractor:
  • Minimal labor and start up costs
  • One of the top wellness services searched on Groupon
  • Drive new clients through the door
  • One of the fastest growing industries
  • Differentiation from your competitors
  • A shift toward more “natural” remedies
  • No certification or licensing required
  • Enhance your business image
  • In-House, fixed, low-interest financing and leasing available
  • Touchless service

There are three pre-built halotherapy equipment options that chiropractors typically use:

  1. Halo-IR – this is a combination of halotherapy and infrared sauna.
  2. HaloPocket – a new handheld device to easily provide halotherapy in existing spaces or sold to be used at home.
  3. HaloBed – this is a relaxing experience on a heated surface while also supplying halotherapy.

To download a brochure on Chiropractors and Halotherapy, CLICK HERE.

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