The impact of COVID-19 has been monumental in the Spa industry. From devastating closures (both part-time and permanently) to customers not wanting to return for their standard massages & facials and little interest in participating in big group/close together fitness classes, it’s been a very tough 6 months and this impact will likely last longer.
In response, the smartest spas are adapting quickly to the new reality. The two single biggest changes are the addition/promotion of “Touchless services” and “respiratory wellness modalities”.
Some of the Touchless services include cryotherapy, Halotherapy, and lightstim therapy. The #1 respiratory wellness modality being added is Halotherapy which helps with respiratory health, hygiene and immunity boosting. Note that Halotherapy is on both lists.
As discussed in a recent Washington Post Article, “entering a spa will definitely have a more clinical feel compared with the past, starting from the moment you book treatments. Tammy Pahel, vice president of spa and wellness operations at [our partner] Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, says minimal human contact is the objective now, no matter how antithetical that might seem to the spa concept.”
The Carillon also offers totally touchless treatments. One involves lying down on warm Himalayan salt, pushing a button on the massage bed, and getting a 25-minute massage from the nape of the neck to the middle of the back. “It’s calm, soothing and antibacterial,” Pahel says in the Post Article.
Halotherapy Solutions’ Halo-IR combination of halotherapy and infrared sauna and the new HaloCave personal salt cave are great examples of these new touchless services.
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