“As with every sauna, a salt sauna reduces the effects of stressful life and promotes detoxification. Through the bacteria-free environment salt creates, a Himalayan salt sauna is great for the respiratory system and the body as a whole,” stated Ann Brown, the founder/CEO of Saltability, in Skin Inc.’s online magazine.

“Combining Infrared Heat and Himalayan Salt: While traditional saunas offer great benefits, infrared saunas caught my attention more than a decade ago”, states Brown, “thanks largely to how they complement the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt. In 2007, while serving as a spa director, I made the decision to upgrade all of our saunas to infrared technology.”

There are multiple ways to combine halotherapy with an infrared sauna. At Halotherapy Solutions, we believe we have gone the extra mile with our HaloIR™ by combining our leading halogenerator that distributes pure pharmaceutical salt with our partner Clearlight’s industry leading infrared sauna and adding a special coating that prevents the salt from corroding any of the infrared equipment. Whenever combining halotherapy with any other modalities be sure to consider the salt’s effect on the other equipment. The HaloIR™ also comes equipped with medical-grade chromotherapy, aromatherapy and bluetooth speakers for guided meditation or music.

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