Launching Three New Products Driven by COVID-19

Clearly COVID-19 is having a dramatic effect on our industry both good and bad.
On one hand facilities have been/continue to be going through shutdowns or are making significant changes to their large salt rooms to accommodate people who want smaller/more private spaces. On the other hand, consumer demand for modalities to increase respiratory health, hygiene, and immunity has never been greater.
We have been feverishly developing new Halotherapy products over the last 4-5 months to better help you with the “new normal” of COVID-19. And we are offering very low introductory prices given the challenges in our industry now. Call us today details 1-833-200-4209.
The New HaloGX Pro

As more and more spas are creating smaller more personalized salt room and salt cave experiences as a response to the coronavirus, we have adapted and created the new HaloGX Pro. 

The New HaloGX Pro (above) is a more powerful version of the HaloGX so its perfect for the new movement towards individual halotherapy caves and rooms so that people can have a more personalized experience and stay isolated in this time of COVID-19. 

The HaloGX Pro is best for salt rooms up to 200 square feet. For more information on the HaloGX Pro or any of our products, CLICK HERE.

The New HaloPocket

The New HaloPocket
After a year of developing Halogenerator Miniaturization Technologies (HMT) for both engineering and manufacturing, we are very excited to launch a revolutionary product that is perfect for pre and/or post treatments (massage, facials, etc). The handheld unit can be used in multiple treatment rooms as an “add-on” and only requires a 2 minute Halotherapy session—so the ROI is fantastic. Some of our beta Spa customers are also selling the HaloPockets at their facilities to their customers who travel a lot/don’t feel comfortable coming into a facility now so they can earn extra revenue.

For more information on the HaloPocket or any of our other products, CLICK HERE

HaloIR ADA- Compliant

A huge majority of our sales in the last 4-5 months have been our HaloIR—the only product in the world custom engineered with the leading infrared sauna company (Clearlight) to provide both Halotherapy and far infrared in the same beautifully designed unit—in a corrosive-free environment. Having such synergistic modalities in the same unit has been the reason for its runaway success! As more and more elderly people are even more concerned with their respiratory health, we have modified our HaloIR with some new features and a ramp to allow for even easier access for customers with wheelchairs. It is fully ADA compatible!

Special introductory pricing is good through August 15th. Call us today 1-833-200-4209 or CLICK HERE.  Let us know how we can help you best manage through this tremendous crisis and opportunity!