There is an excellent article on the Mindbody Blog by Sarah Lesher that provides some great ideas and best practices on re-opening spas during and after COVID-19. This article is primarily focused on massages but many of the ideas will also fit with halotherapy.

For example, what should clients expect:

  1. Forms and Screenings – online appointments may now be accompanied by a few screening questions and spas may be checking temperatures when you arrive.
  2. Expedited Payment – expect to pay in advance over the phone or online so that you don’t need to do that on site.
  3. Protective Gear – you may be asked to or required to wear a mask for example.

Then, what would the spas need to do differently?

  1. Perhaps offer fewer amenities
  2. Staff will also be wearing protective clothing
  3. Bathrooms and spa rooms will need to be disinfected after each use.

Beyond all of these great ideas and since we are a halotherapy company, we would also recommend exploring how you could add the natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties using halotherapy.

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