In partnership with Halotherapy Solutions, Himalayan Source, a collaboration in salt and design from Saltability and Touch America,  is helping spas and wellness centers envision new ways of doing business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic by turning treatment rooms into salt therapy rooms that maximize client wellness and business revenues.
Prior to COVID, some spas were moving away from larger salt rooms or salt caves towards a more personalized experiences. Now, however, during COVID and beyond there is more and more demand for private experiences as well as more demand f0r the natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt.
Investing now into creating a private halotherapy experience room could pay off as we emerge from the coronavirus shut downs. Spas could offer halotherapy as a standalone treatment with no therapist commission to be paid, and/or offer as an add-on/upgrade in conjunction with a facial or massage. Consider this …
  • Therapists (hands-on, licensed) may not want to come back to work for many reasons. Room may be used as an incentive to come to work — Therapists could use room for a salt session to support their own pulmonary and lung health.
  • Clients/members/guests may not want to be touched (facial/massage) in the next few months
  • A salt therapy treatment room would be for one person only (not side-by-side chairs), creating a perfectly safe environment
  • Provide wellness and generate revenue!
For more information on how to add halotherapy to your wellness, fitness, or spa business, CLICK HERE.  Or call 833-200-4209.