Coronovirus and HalotherapyTo be clear, there is no known cure or vaccine yet for Coronavirus other than your own immune system in most cases eventually winning out. However, this current situation does bring to the forefront the strength of our own immune systems in general as well as thoughts about keeping our own respiratory systems healthy and clean. 

Halotherapy has long been used by people after flying or traveling as salt’s natural absorbent, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties can help clear out your respiratory system of anything you might have breathed in. For example, small particles in your lungs will be surrounded by salt and can become large enough to more easily expectorate. Also salt can be anti-bacterial inside your body just like it can outside your body and the reason salt has been used as a disinfectant for thousands of years. 

Another growing use of these properties of halotherapy is to address the growing problem of pollution around the world. 

Salt is also anti-inflammatory so it can reduce inflammation inside your breathing passages and make it easier to breathe, improve V02 Max for athletes and be calming as well since more oxygen is now getting into the bloodstream. 

So, what do we do now? More and more halotherapy is being seen as part of a regular, natural way to improve health and reduce challenges brought on by many diseases such as colds, flus and ear infections. It is also one of the fastest growing new modalities being added to spas around the world. 

With everyone talking about coronavirus and different precautions,  it’s great to know that Halotherapy can strengthen one’s respiratory immune system, improve respiratory hygiene and help with coughs, colds, etc. Meanwhile wash your hands, cough into your elbow and stay safe. 

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