“Studies say that eight in 10 Americans experience stress in their daily lives and have a hard time relaxing their bodies and calming their minds, which puts them at high risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses. Of the myriad offerings aimed at fighting stress, from exercise to yoga to meditation, mindfulness meditation has become the hottest commodity in the wellness universe,” according to the Harvard Gazette.

Another hot topic in the wellness space these days is the concept of “stacked modalities” or simply doing more than one wellness practice at the same time in order to better address whatever issue or challenge the participant is focused on. Stress is a great example. Guided meditation for example helps relieve stress but so does halotherapy, infrared sauna, aromatherapy and many other wellness practices. So instead of doing each individually, why not combine them.

In order to better serve the customers of our partner spas, wellness and fitness centers, Halotherapy Solutions is combining different wellness modalities with our core halotherapy in order to enhance the experience and the benefits. Our newly released HaloIR booth combines halotherapy with infrared sauna, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and, using the included speakers, guided meditation as well.

KSAra, Halotherapy Solutions free guided meditation recordings, has been available for over a year to our partners so they can download the content and provide to their customers via the speakers. Now, in addition to that, Halotherapy Solutions has partnered with Waking Up, a great guided meditation app to provide our partners and their customers a free month of guided mediation content and then a discount if they want to continue to use the service.

If you are a current partner and want more information on KSAra or Waking Up, please email service@halotherapysolutions.com or call 833-200-4209. If you are still considering whether to partner with us to provide halotherapy to your customers and want more information, CLICK HERE.