Best New Halotherapy Product Ever!

After one year of the first-ever joint product development between the halotherapy and infrared industries, we are thrilled to announce a partnership today with the leading infrared sauna company (Clearlight InfraRed).  The new HALO-IR™ will be the most impactful halotherapy product ever for spas and wellness centers, allowing them to maximize space while getting four wellness options in one.  This will increase the number of people spas can help while also increasing profitability.

“In our testing and given basic physiology, we found the infrared heat to be more effective at opening up the respiratory tract and pores on the skin. This powerful combination can only be regarded as the next phase for what we know as halotherapy today. Our beta-test partner, the spa at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, has seen excellent results for their guests and their business” said Steve Spiro, CEO, Halotherapy Solutions and Chairman of the Global Wellness Institute Initiative on Salt Halotherapy.

“The combination of halotherapy and infrared allows a great customizable experience for our guests. We have had great results pairing it with an option of lymphatic massage or a treatment focused on the respiratory system” explains Misty Stewart, Spa Director at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

The combination of infrared and halotherapy in one specifically-engineered unit, allows for spa and wellness facility owners to better maximize their space and provide more options within one product offering. A true 4-in-1 product as options for the clients/guests include: Halotherapy with Infrared, Heated Halotherapy, Infrared alone and Halotherapy alone.  The custom solution also includes a HaloProtectant (TM) feature to ensure there is no salt corrosion on the infrared components, with sensitivity to the lifespan of each unit.

“Working on this custom product and its variety of options along with 30 & 45 minute protocols by Halotherapy Solutions has been tremendously inspiring and this revolutionary product will help those with respiratory and skin conditions even more so. This combination will become the standard for the halotherapy industry since it maximizes health benefits for the customer.” said Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Chairman/CEO, Clearlight Infrared.

Click here to register for Free the Webinar – There will be a free webinar July 10th at 10am ET to learn more about the HALO-IR™ and to get special pricing. If you can’t make it register anyway and get a link to the replay.

The Halo-IR will also be demonstrated live in Las Vegas in September at both the annual World Halotherapy Association (WHA) conference and the amazing iSpa trade show.  There are amazing discounts available for day passes if you contact us at or call 833-200-4209 by July 31st, 2019.  The speakers list for the WHA conference and networking opportunities will make it a can’t-miss event.