This month sees UK charity, Active Nation breaking new ground in the leisure industry, in partnership with Global Halotherapy Solutions. The UK’s first, state of the art Salt Booth has been installed at Southampton Council’s Quays Sports Centre. The Centre comprises one of the region’s best diving and swimming complexes, gym, exercise studios and children’s facilities.

Stuart Martin, Managing Director of Active Nation adds: “We are incredibly proud to partner with Global Halotherapy Solutions delivering the UK’s first leisure centre-based Salt Booth. From leisure centre users seeking a relaxing ‘spa’ treatment, to those looking for a natural remedy to their respiratory or skin ailments, this holistic approach provides benefits for all. It’s a hugely exciting time in the leisure industry and we look forward to making spa and remedial treatments more accessible nationwide.”

Vice President of Business Development for Global Halotherapy Solutions for the EMEA Region, David Hughes, says: “For centuries, salt caverns have been used to treat respiratory and skin problems, and now, in partnership with Active Nation we are making this hugely effective, natural therapy accessible to all. The Salt Booth has been methodically designed so that people can relax in a soothing and tranquil environment. Wellness sits top of the agenda for leisure operators in the UK and we look forward to complementing Active Nation’s leisure offering.”

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