Our CEO, Steve Spiro was the only Halotherapy industry executive who attended the invite-only, prestigious 3 day Global Wellness Summit on October 6-8 in Italy. Attendees included the CEO’s and Spa Directors from the top resorts from 40 countries as well as the top global scientists and researchers in health & wellness.

Here is Steve’s report on a few of the more interesting things presented:

1) The Wellness industry has grown to $4.2 trillion—a 20% increase from just over a few years ago. The “bubble” chart shown here is a fascinating breakdown of the global industry.

GWI Bubble Chart

2) Dan Buettner, best-selling author of “Blue Zones” presented his analysis of the 7 cities in the world with the highest % of people over 100 years old. The key reasons for the longevity was correlated with a) 90% plant-based diet b)cities/villages where everyone walks all the time as part of their everyday life c) very strong social relationships/community with daily conversations with a number of people and d) a dedicated purpose(s) for one’s life
3) 75% of the $3 trillion per year spent per year on “HEALTHcare” is really spent on “SICKcare”. The Summit announced the very inspirational “Moonshot” program with the goal of eliminating/greatly reducing all preventable disease. So much of this is related to reducing obesity, smoking, air/water pollution and reducing stress.
4) The Global Wellness Institute’s “Salt & Halotherapy Initiative” gave an update on its first year anniversary. Steve was selected as the Chairman of the Initiative and there will be more updates coming in 2019. CLICK HERE to see the wealth of research and media information currently available from the Initiative.