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The Business Has Shifted

The halotherapy a.k.a. dry salt therapy business is experiencing incredible growth in 2022 as so many people are taking action to improve their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity after two years of being bombarded by COVID.

The industry has quickly shifted away from large Salt Rooms to personalized/smaller Salt Cabins—ESPECIALLY those that combine Halotherapy with other very popular wellness modalities.
Our company has seen huge growth as we are the ONLY company that offers products that combine salt therapy with Infrared and salt therapy with RedLight!

The HaloIR™

Halotherapy with Infrared Sauna Combo

The HaloIR (available in 4 sizes) is the only sauna custom-engineered to offer a synergistic combination of infrared and Halotherapy!
Created to engage all 5 senses for a truly transformative experience

  • TASTE the salt
  • FEEL the warmth of infrared
  • HEAR the soothing meditation
  • SMELL the custom blended essential oil
  • SEE the chromatherapy’s changing lights

 Partners / Customers

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Salt Therapy and RedLight Therapy
(patent pending)

  • Integrated Blue light UV sanitization
  • Exclusive territories available
  • Oxygen Concentrator (optional)
  • Negative Ion Generator Integrated (optional)
  • Massage Table /Exercise Bike (optional)
Vitality Booth salt therapy and red light therapy cabin booth

Why Buy Now

Halotherapy is one of the fastest growing wellness modalities being added to spas, wellness centers, gyms, sun tanning facilities, chiropractic offices, yoga studios, etc.

Why Work With Us

We have the highest quality, and most innovative products!
Plus, we are passionate about helping people become healthier through halotherapy and equally passionate about working with you as partners to make you as successful as possible in your business!

  • Our People owned or currently own a salt therapy facility so they can best guide/support you
  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction. BBB A+ Rating
  • CLICK HERE to learn about our support

Why Pre-Built Equipment vs Building a Salt Room?

Pre-Built Equipment

People no longer want to sit in large salt rooms surrounded by strangers coughing and sneezing. And those with skin conditions that benefit greatly from salt therapy, want maximum skin exposure—not conducive to being in a large salt room.

People are demanding a faster, more personalized and more private experience.

We offer so many salt cabin and booth options that include the HaloIR, the Vitality Booth, the HaloSTAR, the HaloCave, the HaloBed and so many more choices. Plus salt rooms require expensive build-outs and HVAC modifications, and if you move locations, they cannot be transported. You can be in business so quickly with pre-built equipment!

Salt Rooms / Caves

While our customers are moving away from building out large salt rooms, there is still a demand for small salt rooms—and we have the best Halogenerators and the best design teams to help!

Whatever your vision may be—a Himalayan salt brick wall, salt panels, salt décor or authentic looking salt cave, we will bring your concepts to life.

Additionally, we offer free initial design consultation. When you buy our halogenerators they come with lifetime warranty and 24×7 customer service access. We also offer a free “How To” document to help you build your salt room if you want to do it yourself instead of using our team.

What Our Customers Say

We added a Vitality Booth to our wellness practice about 4 months ago and have since seen close to 80% of our clients switch from our traditional salt cabin visits to the combined halotherapy / red light sessions available in the Vitality Booth. Vitality Booths are actually bringing new clients into my practice on a daily basis.

Sheila Alba, owner of the Salt Grotto, Brandon, Florida

All my generators at Salt of the Earth Sarasota are from Halotherapy Solutions. They are amazing machines. The staff is great and always willing to help anyway they can. No reason to choose anyone else.

Dianna Zildjian Manoogian, Owner Salt of Earth

Halotherapy Solutions is the only BBB accredited salt therapy equipment company.
“Not received a single customer complaint and has not received a negative review.” A+ Rating.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

I highly recommend Halotherapy Solutions. I have had my salt spa open for 15 months and I have 2 halogenerators from HSL, that were delivered in person by Steve and Suzanne! I am fairly close.. They were super helpful with instructions on the machine. They are totally there for support with any issue, Jacki Blackmon, is a superstar at marketing also, and at resolving any issues.

Wanda Bresette, Owner Stuart, FL

Halotherapy – Infrared Sauna


Halotherapy Industry is Booming!

The Halotherapy/dry salt therapy industry is experiencing incredible growth in 2022 as so many people are taking action to improve their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity after a year of being bombarded by COVID.

Business Opportunity

There is no better time to add salt therapy to your existing business or to start a new salt therapy business! 

  • Huge consumer demand

  • Low cost investment

  • No extra labor costs needed

  • Takes up minimal space

  • Touchless service

  • Can ship to you quickly

  • Great financing available

  • Free marketing support provided

Why Partner with Us?

Our goal is to make you wildly successful—with the best products, marketing materials and support! 

  • Leading provider in world

  • Highest quality

  • Largest selection of products

  • Only company to offer the “most in -demand” combination modalities

  • Only company accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating

  • Our people owned/currently own a salt therapy facility so they can best guide/support you

  • The only company providing Lifetime warranty on Halogenerators
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Education is the key to success! Check out some of the great presentations we have prepared just for you! And don’t forget to join our very active, very helpful FB group of fellow customers! 

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In partnership with the Global Wellness Institute, hear some great roundtable discussions led by CEO, Steve Spiro with some of the top wellness/Halotherapy experts in the world

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We regularly blog and stay on top of the latest news in the industry to keep you as educated as possible to help you succeed. Catch up on some great information!

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Our goal is for you to be wildly successful.
We provide free brochures, flyers, rack cards, sales tools, marketing tips, secrets to success, etc. to help!

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